Monday, February 6, 2017

1year and I started to ride my bike

I had a busy year, I got here in Quartzsite last year in September but still was not walking very good. Had no way to go into town. I meet a guy here and he would drive me into town to get stuff.
In December I got my bicycle out and put all my leathers on including my helmet and then practice riding. Balancing. It wasn't pretty but after a week of every day riding i was riding great. I never fell down.
After that I got my motorcycle out and practice riding it around in the desert , stoppong , turning .then after a week I rode into town. Wasn't much for leaning into curves but I was riding.

Been riding for over a year now , and can lean into curves too. Went to the black hills of SD for the summer.great riding there.
Now back in AZ haven't figured out were Im going too this summer.


  1. And your balance is getting better with every day & by every new experience.

  2. I admire your perseverance. I'm pretty envious of all you (and Glenda and many more) folks living the dream out on the road; I do wonder "how in the devil do ya'll pay for it?"


  3. Welcome back to blogging, John, and apparently back to riding! That is excellent. I'm pleased to have met both you and Glenda at Bloggerfest.

  4. Ya going to blogfesfest has made me want to start writing again. But so much to catch up on my past improvements. Nice meeting you.